Bulane et Castolin lancent le dyomix OHM

Bulane announces a partnership with the Castolin group to distribute its cleantech hydrogen

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Castolin, the European leader in welding and brazing equipment, has sealed a historic partnership with the innovative SME Bulane.

A subsidiary of the international Messer group, Castolin will exclusively market mobile soldering stations, using the dyomix® technology developed by Bulane in scientific collaboration with the CNRS.

This revolutionary and environmentally friendly technology allows a high-temperature torch flame to be powered from water and electricity instead of the gases usually used, including acetylene. Bulane’s technology uses electrolysis to break down water into hydrogen and oxygen to produce a clean fuel.

No more need for fossil gases to make fire. The process has many advantages: the stations’ noise level is reduced by 25 decibels compared to a traditional system due to the absence of CO2, UV and harmful fumes. Earplugs and dark glasses are no longer necessary. The storage and transport of flammable gas cylinders under pressure is no longer necessary. As a result, costs and working conditions are significantly improved.

Implemented in light and mobile equipment, the size of cabin luggage, this major innovation is intended for professionals and craftsmen such as refrigeration engineers, heating engineers, kitchen technicians or plumbers, but also all professions using the flame in their daily work. This new market represents a potential of more than one million users worldwide.

Barely begun, the partnership between Castolin and Bulane has already been recognized by building professionals: the oxy-flame station dyomix® OHM 2.4 has just received the Gold Medal at the last Batimat 2017 Innovation Competition, in the category of Construction, Tooling and Equipment Equipment. This competition is the essential springboard for launching an innovation on the market.

The dyomix® Mobile technology will be unveiled exclusively on Castolin’s stand at Batimat, which will be held from 6 to 10 November 2017 in Paris Nord Villepinte.

Bulane dyomix castolin ohm

Cleantech dyomix® mobile wins gold at the 2017 Mondial du Bâtiment Innovation Competition

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The Innovation Competition, the flagship event of the Mondial du Bâtiment, reveals trends in the sector and highlights the innovations of industrial exhibitors at Batimat, Interclima+elec and Idéobain.

OHM 2.4, incorporating dyomix® technology, and presented by Castolin, was awarded the Gold Award in the category “Construction Equipment, Tools and Equipment”.

A breakthrough innovation, the OHM 2.4 oxygen-hydrogen station allows professionals to use a high-temperature flame without carbon emissions, and without gas bottles, in their applications requiring a torch. This CleanTech makes it possible to produce a clean and efficient fuel from water and electricity, by transforming the oxygen and hydrogen naturally present in the water into gas. Having proven its worth with major industrial accounts, and after several years of R&D, the mobile version of dyomix® technology, intended for professionals, will be launched exclusively at Batimat 2017. Equal in size and weight to conventional oxy-gas stations, Castolin dyomix® OHM 2.4 is easily transported and moved thanks to its handles and wheels. Its ergonomic torch, with a rotating coupling connected to a single hose, allows unequalled freedom of movement.

Jerome Bonaldi, moderator of the ceremony, and Paul Duphil, Secretary General of OPPBTP, presenting the award, underlined: “The jury particularly appreciated this innovation.

bulane dyomix mexico

Aerospace Summit Querétaro: Bulane spreads its hydrogen flame in Mexico

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After only a few months of partnership with its Mexican distributor, Bulane’s dyomix® technology was presented at the Aerospace Summit in Querétaro, Mexico, on August 30 and 31, 2017.

The Querétaro region is the country’s aeronautics hub, having received 45% of foreign investment in Mexico in 10 years.

The event, inaugurated by the Secretary of State for Sustainable Development, generated 1200 business meetings.

250 exhibitors were present, including Bulane’s partner, located in the Franco-Mexican Chamber of Commerce area.

Bulane’s hydrogen flame, already adopted by the European aerospace industry (Thales), is now ready to be deployed on the Mexican market.

conférence centro sutdi galileo

Bulane at the XVIIth European Conference about the latest technologies in refrigeration and air conditioning

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The « Centro Studi Galileo », is an Italian training center known abroad for its expertise in refrigeration, and air conditioning. It’s also the organizer of the seventieth European conference in Milan about the latest technologies in refrigeration and air conditioning.

Bulane designs and produces innovative equipment which allows HVAC-R professionals to use in their applications (soldering, heating, brazing…) a high performance flame, without any gas cylinders, without carbon emission and in the best safety conditions.

The dyomix Cleantech, awarded at the COP21, allows producing on site and without gas storage, a clean and performant combustible from the oxygen and the hydrogen present in the water.

Bulane has already proven itself to large industries (Carrier Transicold, Lennox, GEA, Kelvion, Epta, Atlantic, Aldes, De Dietrich, Stiebel-Eltron, Alpha-Innotec) and after years of R&D, the miniature version is going to be launched for HVAC professionals on the field.

Bulane was at this conference, where environment and energy issues were specifically highlighted this year, supported by the UNEP (United Nations Environment) and the European Commission DG Clima.

Concours ArtinovArt's

Bulane’s dyomix® hydrogen technology wins the ArtinovArt’s Innovation Trophy!

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Bulane designs and manufactures innovative equipment enabling professionals to use, in their applications (welding, brazing, heating, etc.), a high temperature flame without gas bottles, without carbon emissions and in optimal safety conditions. Having proven its worth with major industrial accounts, and after several years of R&D, Bulane is about to launch the mobile version of its technology, aimed at craftsmen.

After being selected by the Competition jury, Bulane was selected as the 2017 Laureate of the Trophées de l’innovation artisanale et du développement, in the Global Strategy category.

The ArtinovArt’s competition: Trophy of artisanal innovation and development

Organized by the Hérault Chamber of Crafts and Trades with the participation of Montpellier Agglomération, the “ArtinovArt’s” competition is aimed at craft companies that are developing or innovating in the region. The Craft Innovation and Development Trophy rewards know-how and a desire for commercial, technological or ecological innovation in the service of economic development.

Bulane’s technology: dyomix®

Launched in 2009, Bulane designs, manufactures and markets innovative and environmentally friendly electrolyzers, patented and developed in collaboration with the CNRS. CleanTech dyomix® makes it possible to produce, on site and without storage, a clean and efficient fuel from the oxygen and hydrogen naturally present in the water. The flame produced in this way, burning at over 2500°C, is particularly suitable for the needs of professionals using a flame in their daily applications.

The dyomix® technology was developed by Bulane in an ecosystem with numerous regional partners (CNRS, BPI France, Occitanie Region, Transfers, ADEME…) and required significant investments in Research, Development and Industrialisation. This process, with its unique and unprecedented characteristics, has mobilized the regional know-how of several public research centres (CNRS, Polytech’ Montpellier, Ecole des Mines d’Alès etc…).

Benefits for the health, safety and working comfort of users

Expertised by recognised organisations (ADEME, INRS, Occupational Medicine), the flame produced by dyomix® brings real advantages to the user. A 30% lighter torch reduces the risk of Musculoskeletal Disorders. The absence of UV emissions and harmful fumes, a noise level 25 decibels lower than the traditional system, make it possible to work without black glasses or earplugs. On-demand production makes it possible to avoid storing and transporting flammable gas cylinders under pressure, thus improving safety conditions.

Equipment developed with and for craftsmen

Bulane’s expertise, acquired over the years for its industrial range, has made it possible to miniaturize the dyomix® technology in order to offer it through a more compact, lighter and more mobile device: the dyomix® Mobile (released in late 2017).

This major innovation is intended for professionals and craftsmen such as refrigeration, heating and plumbing, but also for all artistic professions using flames in their daily applications: jewellery, jewellery and glass work.

During the development of the dyomix® Mobile technology, Bulane interacted with various professional organizations such as the Chamber of Trades and Crafts, the Syndicat des Entreprises de Génie Climatique et de Couverture Plomberie (GCCP), Les Compagnons du Devoir, CAPEB and SNEFCCA. This is in order to offer a successful product that meets the technical and practical expectations of its future users.

Professionals & Craftsmen will thus have an innovative, mobile, flexible and secure system that will eliminate the problems of supplying and transporting gas in cylinders.

The advantages of dyomix® technology for craftsmen:

Easy to use: on/off operation, working without settings.
Ergonomic torch: lighter and powered by a single hose connected with a rotating union for total freedom of movement.
Safety: no storage or handling of gases under high pressure, very light gas mixture, use at low pressure and low volumes.
Productivity: high temperature flame >2500°C, improvement of the quality and cleanliness of the work, cost control thanks to a gas production adjusted in real time.
The dyomix® Mobile technology will be launched at Batimat Paris 2017, through a historic commercial partnership

Bulane has built a partnership with an internationally renowned professional equipment brand to market its technology to its future customers.

Highly anticipated by companies in the construction sector, the dyomix® Mobile technology will be unveiled exclusively at Batimat, which will take place from 6 to 10 November 2017 in Paris Nord Villepinte.

Some key information about Bulane:

-1.4 million in revenue since the launch of the product
-Presence in 11 countries: France, UK, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia
-50 customers and +150 industrial systems used daily
-Industrial references: Thales, Continental, De Dietrich, Atlantic, Carrier, Leroy Somer, Parker
-Projected growth 2017: 100%.
– + 10 jobs created in the last 20 months
-Environmental impact reduced by 92% (CO2 value / Source ADEME)
-Innovative Company 2015 label (BPI France)
-Support & Partners: LR Region, BPI France, CNRS, CARSAT, INRS, ADEME, SATT AxLR, EMA, BIC Montpellier 3M, ClimateKIC, CARNOT Institutes…
International Public/Private Patent filed in co-ownership with the CNRS
-Last distinctions: Grand Prix Objectif LR 2015 “Innovative Company”, Winner of the CleanTech 2015 “Energy Efficiency” Competition & Ambassador of COP21 Paris 2015.

More information on the Chamber of Crafts and Crafts

More information about Batimat

Bulane at the Innov Maintenance exhibition organised by Leroy-Somer

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On 28 and 29 March 2017 in Angoulême, Bulane was at the Innov Maintenance exhibition organised by Leroy-Somer.

Leroy-Somer, world leader and specialist in industrial alternators and drive systems, designs and industrializes the most innovative eco-technological solutions to serve the industrial and large commercial markets.

It was therefore logical for this major group to adopt dyomix®, Bulane’s cleantech that combines performance, ergonomics and environmental protection.

As part of this partnership, Bulane presented its Cleantech hydrogen flame at the Leroy-Somer service centre exhibition on 28 and 29 March 2017 in Angoulême.

More information about the exhibition


Bulane CNRS

Bulane at the CNRS Innovation Morning

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Frédéric Favier, CNRS Research Director at the Charles Gerhardt Institute in Montpellier (ICGM – CNRS / UM / ENSCM) and Nicolas Jerez, CEO of Bulane

A long-standing partner of the CNRS, Bulane participated in the round table on the theme “Chemistry, solar energy: global challenges”.

Created in 2009, Bulane offers “clean flame” torches for brazing professionals, i.e. produced from hydrogen and oxygen produced by water electrolysis. Soon, the co-financing by Bulane and the CNRS of a researcher-engineer thesis at the ICGM gave rise to a co-ownership patent intended to miniaturize the clean flame production system and thus make it easily transportable. SATT AxLR accompanied Bulane in maturation with the support of the Region.

Find more information on the innovation morning on the COMUE website