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Our technology : a hydrogen flame

generated from water and electricity

The Bulane technology allows you to produce anywhere a clean and performant combustible from the oxygen and the hydrogen present in the water.

The such generated combustible frees you from the constraints linked to the extraction, the distribution and the storage of hazardous gases.

The combustion of the oxy-hydrogen gas can reach very high temperatures, does not flare ultraviolet light and emits very little CO2 in the atmosphere. The generated flame is especially suitable for the assembly of metals (brazing in jewellry, hvacr, and electric production) and for soot removal in engines through high temperature.

Our solution : dyomix®

New generation hydrogen brazing

From 2009 on, Bulane develops the dyomix® solution: a product line of generators, services and accessories for brazing specialists. A good number of leading industrial actors in the field in Europe have adopted these new equipments uniting productivity, safety, quality, and respect of man and environment.

Although until now reserved only to important industrial sites, today with the upcoming release of the miniaturized “on site” mobile dyomix® (for 2017), the dyomix® technology is now available to all professional flame brazers.

With these differentiated applications Bulane demonstrates to this day how important the economical impact of hydrogen solutions is, solutions ready for important developments in the near future.


Bulane exhibits at CWIEME in Berlin

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The 3kW dyomix is back … and it’s in shape! LIGHTER, SLIMMER, STRONGER, CHEAPER Join us at the World’s largest event dedicated to Coil Winding, Electric Motors, Transformers and Generators…

Bulane had the honour of welcoming the President of the Hérault Departmental Council to its premises

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We had the pleasure of welcoming, on Friday 29 March 2019, Mr Kléber Mesquida, President of the Hérault Departmental Council, thanks to whom we were able to move into our…

The flame of the “New World”, in Perpignan from 29 to 31 March 2019

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The New World Forum is 3 days at the Palais des Congrès to discover, exchange and create solutions together. From 29 to 31 March 2019, Bulane had the chance to…

Bulane, exhibitor at Be Positive: the Exhibition of the energy transition of buildings and territories

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Be Positive is the national reference exhibition for the energy and digital transition of buildings and territories! From February 13 to 15, 2019, you were able to find our eco-innovative…

Our Vision

Water contains all the necessary elements for a clean combustion. Bulan understood that well and has the ambition to replace fossil combustions through ist clean combustion comprised of hydrogen and oxygen derived from the electrolysis of water.

In this way, Bulane actively participates in the energetic transition and is constructing the “after petrol” world by leaning on hydrogen, the alternative nergy source that respects man and environment.

Our Mission

Bulane wants to make the hydrogen flame accessible to all.
Our team not only wants to propose an alternative to fossil gases everywhere possible, but also wishes to render this alternative efficient and competitive. Each day, we devise the solutions and develop technologies to answer to the needs of all potential users of the hydrogen flame.

Our Values

The Bulane team shares strong values which are met in all actions taken. It is through this unique condition that the company will be able to advance and entirely fulfill ist vision. Bulane’s DANN is resumed in three words:

Ambition, Sharing and Transparence.

Key figures

Bulane is a nice story still being written, impacted amongst others by the follwing dates:

  • 2005 to 2009 – 2005 à 2009 – Development of the technology and of the first prototypes
  • 2009 – Founding of the company Bulane
  • 2010 – Conception of a prototype dedicated to flame brazing applications
  • 2011 to 2013 – Industrial tests
  • 2013 – Commercial launching of the “workshop” range of dyomix® generators for industrial customers. First commercial successes.
  • 2014 – First export clients (Germany, Italy)
  • 2015-07 – Financial leverage (2,7 Mio €)
  • 2015-10 – Move into the Cournonsec premises and continuous structuring of the team
  • 2015-11 – Bulane is named Ambassador of the French Tech at the COP21
  • 2016-02 – Opening of commercial offices in Germany and Italy
  • 2016-09 – Expansion to non EU markets: Turkey, Russia


– Bulane ambassadrice à la COP21 2015
– Grand Prix Objectif LR 2015
– Lauréate Clean Tech Open 2014
– Prix CAP 2013
– Trophée Cap’Tronic 2011
– Trophée de l’Innovation Industrie Lyon 2011
– Lauréat CNACETI 2010
– Prix Innovation Energaïa 2009
– Prix Languedoc-Roussillon Incubation 2009
– Lauréate du Concours Régional Talents de la Création d’Entreprise 2009
– Gagnante Défi Jeune, Trophée Envie d’Agir, organisé par le ministère de la Santé, de la Jeunesse et des Sports 2007

Our partners


The team

The Bulane project lives and develops itself each day thanks to the concentrated actions of a cohesive and well unified team.

Initiated by Mr. Nicolas Jerez, the company grows regularly through new team members with varied competencies. Now strong of 11 members, today’s team is present in France, Germany annd Italy to serve its customers at best.

Nicolas Jerez


Florian Scocard

Sales & New Business Development Manager

Anthony Battaglia

R&D Process Engineer & Industrialization Manager

Adrien Picq

International Technical Support

Fabienne Bureau

Financial & Administrative Manager

Mikael Bruno

R&D Test/Validation & Energy Engineer

Alexandrine Guillet

Supply-Chain Assistant

Cyril Boras

Embedded Electronic Engineer

Thomas Chauvin

Mechanical designer

Blondie Blechet

Management Assistant

Thierry Scribe

Storekeeper and order picker

Sarah Hagege

Export Sales Assistant

Pierre-Emmanuel Pizzoccaro

R&D engineer

Hugo Touet

Digital Marketing Project Manager