Cleantech dyomix® mobile wins gold at the 2017 Mondial du Bâtiment Innovation Competition

By Monday September 18th, 2017Actualités
Bulane dyomix castolin ohm

The Innovation Competition, the flagship event of the Mondial du Bâtiment, reveals trends in the sector and highlights the innovations of industrial exhibitors at Batimat, Interclima+elec and Idéobain.

OHM 2.4, incorporating dyomix® technology, and presented by Castolin, was awarded the Gold Award in the category “Construction Equipment, Tools and Equipment”.

A breakthrough innovation, the OHM 2.4 oxygen-hydrogen station allows professionals to use a high-temperature flame without carbon emissions, and without gas bottles, in their applications requiring a torch. This CleanTech makes it possible to produce a clean and efficient fuel from water and electricity, by transforming the oxygen and hydrogen naturally present in the water into gas. Having proven its worth with major industrial accounts, and after several years of R&D, the mobile version of dyomix® technology, intended for professionals, will be launched exclusively at Batimat 2017. Equal in size and weight to conventional oxy-gas stations, Castolin dyomix® OHM 2.4 is easily transported and moved thanks to its handles and wheels. Its ergonomic torch, with a rotating coupling connected to a single hose, allows unequalled freedom of movement.

Jerome Bonaldi, moderator of the ceremony, and Paul Duphil, Secretary General of OPPBTP, presenting the award, underlined: “The jury particularly appreciated this innovation.