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 Trade fairs coming up

Tuesday April 23rd, 2019 in Salons à venir


The world’s largest event dedicated to coil winding, electric motors, transformers and generators : from the 21 until the 23 of may 2019, in Berlin.

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Wednesday March 20th, 2019 in Salons à venir

(Français) Le Monde Nouveau 2019

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Sunday February 10th, 2019 in Salons à venir

(Français) Be Positive 2019

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Brazing stations respectuous of man and his environment

A clean flame generated from water and electricity

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    Flexible and connected

    The dyomix® generators consume water and electricity.

    No gas sourcing.

An intelligent gas generator

Mobile, compact, flexible and easy to use, the dyomix® generators function in the “start and stop” mode and does not stock gas. It simply needs a a simple connexion to the electric network.

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    Light and ergonomic

    Only one single hose.

An ergonomic torch

The dyomix® torch is lighter, simpler, and is supplied by only one single hose which is connected to a rotating fitting, which allows total freedom of movement. And for « micro-flame applications », Bulane proposes an even lighter torch.

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    Generated from water and electricity

    Hydrogen + Oxygen

A clean combustible

The dyomix® generator transforms water by producing a gas mixture of oxygen and hydrogen, said to be “stoichiometric”, thus allowing a perfect combustion at very high temperature without any emissions of fumes.

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    Thermal conductivity
    10x superior to traditional gases

A performant flame

The dyomix® flame is neutral, it is a perfect flame for brazing operations (neither oxydizing or reducing). It is very conductive and allows faster brazing while reducing the oxydation of the pieces.

The dyomix® solution 

No racks, no cylinders, no gas distribution network. A simple electric outlet is enough for you to install dyomix® in your workshop.
We offer generators from 2Kw to 12Kw, allowing 1 to 4 outlets, for microflame or standard torch applications.
Contact us to determine which dyomix® solution is best adapted to your needs!

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Videos and testimonials

De Dietrich Thermique chose dyomix® for their heat pump production on their production site of Mertzwiller in Alsace.
This eco-responsable approach is supported by the ADEME.

Meeting with Julien HOCHSTETTER, Responsable Industrialisation and Production, some site operators, et Florence HUC of ADEME.

SAMOV, a factory of the group Leroy Somer specialised in the fabrication of electric motors, chose dyomix® for its production site of Saint Félicien in Ardèche.

Meeting with Pascal BONI, Director of the premises.

L’Institut de Soudure, international leader in R&D, training and skills in welding, brazing and soldering applications, has adopted the dyomix® technology in its training center of Yutz in Lorraine, to allow brazing and soldering professionals to discover and to test the hydrogen flame.

Meeting with David MACEL, brazing expert at the IS.

What you will optimize by adopting the dyomix® solution


No gas storage, no distribution network

An improvement of working conditions
for your operators


Reduce your brazing costs related to gas by as much as 80%, with a fast return on investment


No installation works
No gas storage management
No handling of gas cylinders and racks
An optimized flame setting


– 92% of CO2 emissions

– 94% global carbon imprint


Increase quality, safety and productivity in your production line.

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Increase in productivity

+10% increase in productivity through a flame with high thermal conductivity

Time gains : no more manhandling of gas cylinders and racks, no more managing, stocking and planning.

Monitor your activity : on the contrary to a gas cylinder, dyomix® is an intelligent tool which allows you to follow the activity of your production chain in real time.

…in quality

Reduction of oxydation and respect braze joints : thanks to the permanent neutral and leading flame, the quality level of the joints brazed is held constantly high and the mechanical properties are maintained and garanteed.

…and in safety

No distribution and no storage of dangerous gases : reduce your industrial risks by producing your own gas on site and on demand, there where you need it. All you need to store now is water. No more risks of leakages on the network.

Advantages for the health of your operators : no CO2 emissions, a flame without fumes and without UV light, a lighter (-35%) and more ergonomic torch, (rotating fitting), less manhandling now usually due to gas racks and cylinders. Minimize the professional risks which can change the health of your operators.


The dyomix® solutions brings about advantages in comfort and reduces arduousness for your operators.

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Less efforts

As of now, your gas is produced on demand, right next to you. There is no more manhandling linked to gas racks and cylinders.

dyomix®, that’s also a lighter torch (-35%), a more ergonomic torch through the brotating fitting, and a torch without oxygen settings.

Less toxic

Dyomix reduces by a factor of 7 the toxicity of the working stations due to the presence of carbon monoxide (CO).

Less loud

– 30dB(A) more silent (depending on the setting the operator chooses) in comparison to an acetylene station.

Zero UV light

The dyomix® flame does not emit any UV light. No more tainted goggles.

Strong brazing - Soft brazing - Soldering - Thermic surface treatment

For flame brazing professionals

  • Refrigerant equipment
  • Refrigerant cabinets
  • Heating products
  • Air conditioning
  • Motors, transformers
  • and other electric materials
  • Cutting tools in diamond and hard metals
  • Jewelry and precious metals
bobine cuivre dyomix
bobine cuivre closeup
Bobine cuivre
Dyomix soudure
soudure diomix close-up
De Dietrich dyomix soudure
soudure close-up dyomix
soudure diomix close-up2

Proven by well known actors in industry


of utilisation in real situation


client satisfaction

They have adopted dyomix®


The world of brazing is changing. And you?

With dyomix®, change over to hydrogen brazing. Adopt a new reliable, responsable, economical and performing technology serving the development of sustainability of your company. From the first study of your project up to the installation, the skills training and the coaching of your maintenance team, Bulane will accompany you throughout your passage to the hydrogen flame.

Try dyomix®
in your workshop

Receive a dyomix® expert in your workshop to test our solution in real conditions of your application.

Our teams and our technical department will help you evaluate what the best configuration is according to your needs.

Our accompanying measures
“Ready to start”

Our teams accompany you through the installation, the start up of your dyomix® solution, and through the skills training of your operators for the usage of the equipment.

Garantee and assistance
over the maturity

The dyomix® equipment falls under a 24 months warranty. With the Premium Garantee, you can benefit from a support and an intervention within 24 to 48 hours, including a replacement machine in case repairs in our factory is necessary.

Consulting, studies,
cutomized training

Bulane lets you benefit from ist own team of selected partners, in matters of consulting, studies and specific training for your personal applications (Institut de soudure “welding institute”, metal alloy producers, occupational health…).